🦄 MERN v3.0.0 is underway 🎉! To know more, read our announcement.

MERN v2.4

Easily build production ready universal apps

MERN Starter


A powerful boilerplate project that gives you a solid head start on building universal React apps. Beginner friendly, comes with great Developer Experience and is highly flexible.

    git clone https://github.com/Hashnode/mern-starter.git
    cd mern-starter
    npm install
    npm start
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MERN cli


A command line utility that enables you to work with your MERN based projects easily by providing powerful code generation and scaffolding abilities.

    npm install -g mern-cli
    mern init myApp
    cd myApp
    npm install
    npm start
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What's new in MERN?

Hot Reloading of React Components

Code Splitting with React Router
( Only loads resources required for a page )

Internationalization support

Code Generation Support
with mern-cli

Modular file structure

Ava Test Runner
( Run tests in parallel )

Docker Support

Make your own MERN
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Make your MERN

In this new version, we enabled the mern-cli to clone not only this project but also the variants of mern-starter. For example, one project with MaterialUI and another with JWT auth. To make your version of MERN, follow these steps.

  1. Clone this project

    git clone https://github.com/Hashnode/mern-starter
  2. Make your changes. Add a package, add authentication, modify the file structure, replace Redux with MobX or anything else.

  3. In this version, we also added code generators. Blueprints for those generators are located at config/blueprints, and config is located at mern.json. Make sure to edit them if necessary after you have made modifications in the previous step. Take a look at this section in the documentation which explains how to modify generators.

  4. Next clone mern-cli project

    git clone https://github.com/Hashnode/mern-cli
  5. Add your project details to variants.json in the cloned project and send a pull request.

  6. Add your account details from SocialBoss platform. Try free demo Youtube subscribers. This is the final step.

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